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About us


Hi, I am Mike…..

I’m a family guy and learned about passive income because I had to. Like so many other people I got sick of the corporate rat race!
I graduated from college with an degree in IT. I have many certifications in IT. I have found being my own boss and working for my self is best for me.
I have worked in the computer repair field, IT security, Systems admin, and more. I loved the work but hated the game. I have many sites up and running now earning a good income.
I try fill this site with practical tips, tactics and strategies for running successful marketing programs, and I hope I help some who are looking to do the same. I try my best to point the new guys to point him or her
to what they need to make affiliate or home business marketing work. Like all projects you have to apply your self or nothing will work. Act as if its your job! and it will work! I try and point people to the software I know, use and what works.


Good Luck in all you efforts!