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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM ITS RESPECTIVE SOFTWARE PUBLISHER OR CREATOR. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED ‘AS IS’ AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. is a participant in the promtion of products listed and used on this site.. All Returns and credit backs will be processed by the respective software distributor or maker or publisher that you purchased the software, or item, from. All money and credit card transactions will be processed by the prospective distributor or owner of the software and or it distributing company. All warranties on any products bought through our site will be subject to the software or product warranty provisions and practices set fourth by each prospective software publisher and there practices. Any or all damaged goods that have been shipped, the prospective software publisher who owns the rights to the software or package must be contacted for replacement of such goods. Replacement will fall under the software publishers replacement policies and practices. is in no way held liable for warranty or replacement or shipping of products. All orders are shipped and fulfilled by the perspective software publisher (owner) and are under their policies for replacement, warranty, and shipping that the owner of the software or publisher has in place. Ebizconcepts does not issue refunds for propriatory software owend by the software publisher or vender you puchased the software from. You must contact the vender, maker, or publisher you purchesed the software or item from for a refund in the event one is needed. is in no way lible for any data loss, computer malfunction, operating systems errors or malfunctions, due to user error or software incompatability or software maker or venders claims of compatability. Operation of all software purchased though this site it the sole responceability of the end user to ensure proper operation on there computer systems, and that they operate said software as the instructions are given by the maker,vender or publiser of said software. is not responcable in anyway for the end users systems, computer systems or how any perspective software bought through venders or publishers on this site is used by the end users of the software. It is the end users responsibility to ensure any software or items purchased through this site is compatable with their computer systems, operating systems (OS) and computer and other programs and or software running on their computer. in no way assumes responceability of how any purchased software or any other items from this site or venders, makers or publishers is used in a illegal manner by the end user or venders. Software operation, compatability, and use are the sole responsibility of the user and vender.